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Introducing our first Wrap-Up! The weekly Wrap-Up will be a place where we gather comments on Conversations With My Mother posts from different sources from all around the internet.

Last week started off with a bang! On Monday I opened my Inbox and got a  message from LinkedIn that my profile was in the top 1% of profiles viewed for 2012. The reason why that’s so exciting? LinkedIn has over 200 million users; I can’t even figure out the math but it’s pretty cool!

I also heard (and posted) this quote that really resonated for me and many of our readers.
“You’re only as happy as your least happy child.” How true, don’t you think?

We’ve received some really interesting and insightful comments from our recent post:

As parents it’s our job to teach our kids social skills even when they don’t seem to have an innate sense about them.

“Your comment concerning whether a child is born an introvert or extrovert is important to remember. Children who are introverts often need assistance in learning social skills. Role playing is a great way to teach them. Also, they are watching us and will learn skills through observation so we need to be worthy role models.
For a related article, “The Shy Child,” click below for a direct link:
http://www.kellybear.com/TeacherArticles/TeacherTip31.html” ~Leah via LinkedIn

“Great post, Molly! Keep up the good work on your/moms blog! I love the concept and the presentation.” ~Kathleen via Facebook

“First of all Molly….I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR WEBSITE…..

It makes me think of the conversations I had with my mother….and the ones I have with my children now. In the case of conversations with my mom….sometimes they were quite one sided and I, as a mom, try to have a conversation where I actually do some listening and hopefully my kids feel heard.

Someone just stopped by…who hadn’t seen my kids for awhile and told me “what neat kids they are”…confident and creative ……I am proud when my kids can HOLD a conversation with an adult (they are 12 and 9 …both girls)….this is something I was not encouraged to do as a child …you know…be seen and not heard was the creed of the times.

Repetition comes to mind for me when teaching my kids social skills….. I know my hubby once said…”how long will it take her to get this…and how many times do we have to tell her” I think this was about her ‘eating with her mouth open”. And I answered….. “as many times as it takes”….and probably it will stick when a peer gives her some not so nice feedback some where down the road. We can only remind, suggest and persevere in the repetition….the natural consequences seem to take care of the rest.

And I know in this busy world…most of my moms are just looking for some peace….’from the job’ of teaching social skills…… The key is to take those breaks so patience does not wear thin. My motto is when moms happy…everyone’s happy!….so when mom takes those “self care” Time Outs…..she and you will have much more gas in the tank to be teacher, coach, nurse, cook, chauffeur etc…..
Thanks again Molly….. I truly love what you are doing!” ~Mona via LinkedIn

“Love your blog. I think that there are a lot of moms (including my own) who would enjoy being quoted for their parenting advice.” ~from Randy via LinkedIn

“True, I believe that kids should be taught social skills particularly through example. If we model how to interact with other people the way that we teach them this will go a long way in making the skill available in their unconscious when it is willed. However, it should be left up to our children to live those skills as they see fit. Sure we are social creatures but not everyone is the same. It is a more positive characteristic for our children to love who they are and not who we believe that they should be. Sure there are introverts and extroverts but our kids can lay just about anywhere within that spectrum… so who is to judge what is right and what is wrong or deficient.
I can tell you that my daughter can be extremely social and would initiate a conversation with any child but sometimes she just doesn’t feel like it…. and so doesn’t. I’m ok with that.” ~Croft via LinkedIn

“Love it! Thank you Molly for all your work, I am always looking forward to read them! Very informative.” ~Milena via Facebook

Thanks for reading and contributing to this great community!  ~Molly

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